Thames Valley OCA Group Meeting on 17th January 2015

OCA Thames Valley Group Meeting 17th January 2015

This was a whole day work review – no pre-reading or theory. What it did make me do though was to go out and take some more photographs in line with C&N Assignment 1 and my tutor’s feedback. I had experimented with photographic paper using Permajet Titanium Lustre paper to see if that would give a more textured effect; darken the images and so provide more differentiation between the two series. I also used AJP Portfolio Paper and Innova Smooth Cotton High White and used the proofing view in Photoshop to process the images. One thing I had done was to re-do the lynx in the wood to see if I could make it less obviously layered/composited




_MG_7045 lynx composite 9x6 titanium web

I showed the group the original Assignment images and the new work. Sharon said she found the titanium paper distracting which is true because I realised that I was overcomplicating everything and had got carried away with paper experiments rather than thinking about the actual subject. Her suggestion was to stay slightly ‘wacky’ as with the lynx image and to do more along those lines as opposed to the more sinister ones with ‘abandoned’ clothing in the woods. We also talked about creating a poster that I would actually leave on fences etc as opposed to sticking it up; photographing and then taking it down as I had previously done.

I’m certainly left with more to think about. It was good to practise the layering and manipulation but I have to decide how much more work I actually want to do on Assignment 1 as opposed to getting on with Part Two as I really am so far behind. I’ll write more in in my response to tutor feedback post which is to come.

All in all it was a constructive and enjoyable day (as ever) with fourteen of us, including Sharon, showing on-going work. I continue to gain so much from this group because we have evolved such a supportive atmosphere of constructive ‘criticism’.


7th February 2015