1: Working on my relationship with Photography through Landscape

A question I asked myself after reading C&N Introduction was “Why do I keep making photographs of the same subjects over and over again”. One example being the local Common. I decided to do some work on this by writing as if I was a part of the Common. Here it is.

2014-08-18 13.00.33 edit web

I am wood – crouched low against the ground
Wind-blown branches snatched from roots in silver sand.
Once I was a sapling slim and slender, dancing in the breeze,
Now I am bent and bound into a different shape
And yet I still provide shelter and, if you seek me out, I will tell you stories of all that I have seen and done.

 Many have walked beside me in the past and spoken of their dreams and fears and memories,
Whilst I listened and absorbed the energy of their being into my roots.

I am the tree of life and life goes on beyond me.


I took this with me to the Thames Valley Group meeting on 11th October to share in review of on-going work, also in the context of my feeling stuck with my work on the Course going so slowly. Everyone was supportive, interested and offering comments and suggestions which was heartening. I am beginning to think that part of my difficulty is in finding a new way to approach landscape, to be able to insert myself into it somehow in a way that feels authentic to my sense of myself. At this stage I know that my tendency is more towards using photographs as an adjunct to my writing, as opposed to holding more of the narrative within themselves, so this is one area of work for me.

Amongst suggestions coming from the group were to directly manipulate the landscape in some ways – adding to it , inserting something. Another was to think more on the words in my prose poem and see how else I could represent them. I can certainly see myself in those words. I am facing the physical changes of growing older. I know that my life is finite but the rhythm of life will go on beyond me. I believe there is a balance and harmony to this world with invisible connections, I like to tell stories. I’m beginning to feel as if I have more of a sense of direction now.

I began today by doing some double exposures

At least I’ve made a start


14th October 2014