Ready to Begin

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Create images that demonstrate a practical and conceptual understanding of the appropriate use of techniques
  • Demonstrate an emerging critical awareness and ability to translate ideas into imagery
  • Conduct research, development and production in response to the themes raised in this course
  • Show a critical understanding of contemporary imagery in relation to historical practice and theory

The Learning outcomes are very clear as are the themes so I know what I should have achieved by the end of the Module. Along the way I also aim to complete the actions I identified from feedback on the first assignment of DPP – all of which certainly fit within the first two learning outcomes. Attaining consistency of images within a set is one of my major aims.

I’ve checked the reading list and have all the required texts in some form or another. I’m also pleased to see that, in this new Module, there are specific exercises to complete that involved reading, commenting and analysing texts and audio/visual material. I’m hoping that this will help me to keep focussed and not get myself swamped in following too many interesting and divergent paths not to mention buying too many books!

I’m ready to start then ……………







1. At the start of something new

Changing Direction into Context and Narrative

I know it’s not best to swap horses mid-stream but I’ve taken the plunge! I’d been struggling with DPP since last November – firstly due to my personal situation and then because I almost completely lost the art of focus/concentration. I did complete the first Assignment in May and got really excellent feedback with complimentary and supportive comments from my tutor. However, it just didn’t seem enough to push me on.

The catalyst occurred last week. I’d received an invite to the private view of [(6)] Personal Explorations in Photography – the Exhibition in Sheffield by 6 OCA students. At first I’d decided I wouldn’t go because of the distance to travel and the need to stay overnight as the view was in the early evening. It stayed in my mind though and I had this sudden urgent need to go there. All arrangements made and then the second thought came into my head that I should change Modules and do the new Context & Narrative instead. The transfer went very smoothly and I requested to continue with the same tutor.

Here I am then, on the start of something new. I feel so positive about it that this video really mirrored my mood.

16th July 2014