My Place in Landscape : The Process

 My Place in Landscape

Part 2 :The Process

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 I sorted through photographs taken this year and chose 117 which were then reduced down to 62. To begin with, from those 62, I firstly chose one image of a tree and 6 self-portraits, firstly standing against the tree and then slowly moving forward. I then went through a process where I layered the first self-portrait against the tree at increasing opacities with the intention of creating a video or slideshow of myself emerging from a tree. Here are the images:

My original intention was to place these images within a video I had made. The problem was that, of course, the still images where at different aspect ratios from the video which meant they were cut-off. Instead I created just a slide-show YouTube video of me emerging from the tree which I embedded into my Introduction to Assignment 3 here . Feedback was positive on the whole but with a couple of comments that the star shape transitions were somewhat distracting. If I have the time I will work on this again and include in the final part of this Project.

I then continued with choosing the images I would use for a series. The 62 were reduced to 47 and then to 27 which were processed into Contact Sheets. One copy of each ready for my tutor and one that I cut into small images to use for the next selection process.

Here are the Contact Sheets:


I’ve recently had some very interesting and helpful contact with photographer C.Y. Frankel (will write more about this in another post) and he suggested using a magnetic board for selections.

IMG_1420 web

This has been suggested to me before and this time I took notice and it helped a lot because over the past two days I have kept moving images around, adding and subtracting. C.Y. also sent me a link to a Printspace article on ‘How to Edit Your Work’ that he thought might be useful albeit a little basic. It was very useful because, again, it reminded me of lots I’d learned along the way and absorbed but not assimilated.

  • Be clear and concise about the concept.
  • Try to be neutral and choose the best not just your favourites.
  • Have consistency (colour, shape) v are they too similar v make sure there’s diversity!
  • It’s about quality not quantity.
  • If unsure, pair images that work well together and go from there
  • Get in touch with photographers who you admire and ask them for advice

I think that, in the end, it depends and sometimes you have to go with what appeal to yourself, having taken account of all advice given. I’m writing this because I constantly observe how different viewers see different aspects of images. There’s also the question of presentation format. I took images in portrait as well as landscape format and also close-up detail, but these hardly appear in my later selections. If I decide to do a book then they can appear in differing sizes and I would also use more of the images. Not to mention others that I would feel impelled to go and re-take/re-make. For the time being I concentrated on images that seemed to fit together to form a narrative. The assignment brief doesn’t refer to number of images this time. I checked this with my tutor who confirmed that the number of images is down to me.

Here are the potential ones I’ve chosen but I am going to give myself another couple of days before I make a final selection.


31st August, 2015