Introduction to Assignment 3

Introduction to Context and Narrative Assignment 3

I struggled for quite a time with the idea of this, even knowing that I didn’t actually have to take photographs of myself. Eventually I became tired of my moaning and so took the plunge. One thing seemed to lead to another and now I have three possible projects I’ve been working on for the Assignment, all of them with a different approach. All the set reading has been done, plus, as usual, some meanderings amongst other photographers along the way.

My intention is to show some images from each separately, with a brief explanation and then decided from there. Time is at my heels and so I need to put some deeper effort into submitting the Assignment.

The three projects to follow in three separate posts.

21st August 2015

Postscript 31st August. After email discussion with my tutor it has been agreed that, due to shortage of time, I will work on my third idea as a personal project, over a period of time, rather than considering it for Assignment 3.