Context & Narrative Assessment Results July 2016

I received my result by email on 25th July which was earlier than I’d anticipated. I received the same mark (75%) as in my other two Level 1 Modules. The feedback comments on the Assessment Criteria  are the standard ones to be expected for that mark. Overall Comments and Feed Forward are:-

I was impressed by the level of research and reflection throughout this unit, well done. You show a clear engagement with the subject area and a willingness to carefully consider both the aesthetic and conceptual considerations within your images and experiments.

Assignment 2 stood out to me for its level of creativity and ambition and this engagement is also carried through to the execution of the fictitious blog. Your (or Paul’s) writing is poignant and appropriate and really gives the viewer a sense of a struggle. That said, I would have liked to see a more considered edit of images to accompany the blog but I enjoyed your attempt to contextualise your subject matter in this way.

There are some technical areas that you could improve, most notably your use of Photoshop to attempt to place a lynx in the forest image but as long as you continue with this level of engagement they are things that will easily be ironed out as you progress.

The lynx in the forest was in Assignment 1 and it does seems that, after Assignment 2, I sank back into less sustained creative work as if my energy had become dissipated somehow. It’s a very good mark so I’m not complaining in that sense,  but I have to admit to some personal disappointment in myself at not having shown improvement over time in both this Module and also the whole of Level 1.

What’s in my mind is something around the area of consistency. I know I have leaps of creativity where I get very involved in the work but it seems to me that I’m not grounded enough in my practice at present.  In fact I had a Skype feedback sessions with my tutor for my new Level 2 Module recently where I did say something similar so the Assessment feedback is confirming this for me. I was certainly aware during Context & Narrative that, although I was involved, interested and reading widely, I wasn’t finding a way to link personal themes along the Assignment pathway.

I’m hopeful that now my dawning awareness of this has crystallized I can monitor my creative process more clearly.

This is my final post on this particular blog as I will be concentrating on my new Level 2 Module Digital Image & Culture and my new blog link is here


27 thoughts on “Context & Narrative Assessment Results July 2016

  1. I think you are being too hard on yourself, Catherine. 75% is an excellent mark by anyone’s standards. Congratulations, and you seem to have entered an new area of creativity with your first assignment for DIP.

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    • Well – I needed these few days to absorb and work out what was bothering me even though the mark was excellent, and it has reinforced what I was already thinking about being a bit of a butterfly.
      There’s lots of encouragement to experiment in DiaC so I will have to monitor myself! I really did enjoy that first Assignment and working with the flowers. Have you seen Stephen Gill’s work?


  2. Congratulations Catherine! As usual, it is a really interesting write up.
    Do you think you will keep developping fictitious characters in the next modules? I really enjoy this part of your work and research.


  3. Well done Catherine. I understand your disappointment on not seeing an improvement in your results. But, on the other hand, you are showing a consistency and ability to maintain a standard that is well above average. For that, be happy. Progress will come. Your reflections are showing you the way to go. Xx


  4. Well done Catherine! As Holly says you got a great grade and I’ve really enjoyed seeing your work evolving and I’m looking forward to seeing your journey in the new blog which looks amazing so far!


  5. Congratulations Catherine on a really well-deserved high grade. I too can understand your disappointment on not seeing an improvement in your results but you set the bar high for yourself to start with in TAOP! Having seen your first assignment for DiaC I think that module will really suit you and your creativity. I’m sure the grounding will come (just don’t look too hard for it, I think it will come to you), in the meantime just enjoy experimenting.


  6. This is a great achievement Catherine well done. I doubt that anyone can or does sustain the same level of creativity. Really good ideas are few and far between. Make the most of them when they come along. Hope all is good with you long time no see.


    • It’s more than that as well for me – how to utilise to the full whatever spark of creativity suddenly occurs to me.
      Definitely long time no see. Maybe you’ll be able to get to the November TV meeting. Are you considering the Brighton Festival?


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