Information for Assessors


Catherine Banks : Student No 507005

Context & Narrative

Assessment Submission


Information for Assessors

My online learning blog can be located at

The blog is in the standard blog format of descending date order but each entry can also be accessed separately in the Categories section. I have reflected on learning, research and reading throughout but reflective posts can also be accessed under the Research and Reflection category .

I also created a fictional blog as part of Assignment 2 which can be located at in chronological order. The song, film and philosophy videos that are utilised on that blog were not created by me but are publicly accessible YouTube videos. However, I confirm that the photographs on that blog are my own photographs and I wrote the poem that appears there.

I have created short videos at various points which are embedded in posts on my own blog and would particularly draw your attention to the final version (V3) of the one created for Assignment 3 which is located on my “Response to Tutor Feedback on Assignment 3” .

Postal submission

The two Assessment packages posted to OCA contain:


  • Portfolio Box, with contents index, containing
  • Prints, contact sheets and written essay submitted to Tutor
  • Printed Tutor Feedback Forms
  • Further work created in response to Tutor Feedback


  • Assignment Preparation Folder which is a paper log relating to planning and preparation of Assignments and is supplementary to my learning blog
  • General Paper Log that contains other material e.g. notes on OCA Study Visits and Talks: informal Exhibition visits and Workshops; group meetings and email correspondence.

Google Drive

Electronic copies of 5 Tutor Feedback forms have been uploaded to my assigned Google Drive, located under “Tutor Reports”. I have also uploaded the final Version of Assignment 4 which can be located under “Final Assignments”.


My final version of Assignment 4 – the Written Essay has been emailed to for plagiarism check. Receipt was confirmed on 19 May 2016.


Contents Index

Contents Index for Assessment Submission






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