Rework of Assignment 4 : Final Version

Rework of Assignment 4 following tutor feedback

Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to visit Oxford as referred to in my response to tutor feedback here . However, I have now reworked the Assignment in line with my tutor’s suggestions and it can be read below. A printed version will be included in my Assessment package and a copy will be uploaded to my Google Drive.

Catherine Banks 507005 Context and Narrative Assignment 4 final version

2 thoughts on “Rework of Assignment 4 : Final Version

    • It was a problem of other pressures on my time. I know that one of Joanna Vestey’s motives in undertaking her project was, having moved to live in Oxford, she wished to gain a clearer understanding of the way in which Oxford Institutions interrelate. That’s something I would like to understand as well which means more research on my part.


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