Response to Tutor Feedback on Assignment 4

I have added comments (in blue italics) to the feedback form and attach it here as a PDF. Response to Feedback CatherineBanks507005-AS04

Overall, I was pleased to know that the essay had been well received, that I had evidenced, ‘a very good standard of critical engagement’ and ‘…. overall knowledge base evidenced within this essay is noted as being exceptionally strong’.

My tutor commented on studum and punctum and this was a good reminder on the individuality of the ‘punctum’ and how, in most respects this response is beyond the photographer’s control.

I do accept his comments regarding the limited range of resources used, (apart from my email communication with Joanna Vestey), even though my tutor thought I evidenced an interesting selection of references, including the video clips of Professor Smith (the Director). I was aware of the limited range at the time and did ensure that, at least, the references were from official websites. I also accessed the book published by the Ashmolean Museum and Vestey’s “Afterwords” on p. 39.

Apart from the limit on word count, another aspect was my uncertainty on how far to go in researching the background context of the photograph – the history of the Museum and what was happening at the actual time when Vestey made the photograph. My tutor was right in pointing to comments I had made regarding my thoughts on the building itself and I will add an additional note to the essay concerning my researches on when the Museum was built.

I emailed Joanna Vestey a link to the essay and she sent her congratulations on it, which was pleasing. I intend to visit Oxford before formal Assessment when, hopefully, I will be able to visit her studio, see the prints and talk with her. Hopefully this will then lead to the writing of a follow-up piece. It would be good as well to look at the series as a whole and how the images relate to each of the institutions.

My tutor’s advice on preparing Assignment 5 have been noted.

11th January 2016




9 thoughts on “Response to Tutor Feedback on Assignment 4

    • Will let you know John. I’m waiting until I’ve completed Ass 5 before I think more about it. Hopefully the weather will have improved by then as well. I’ll have plenty of time before assessment.


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