_MG_7755 web


3 thoughts on “_MG_7755 web

  1. This one I find intriguing. It offers clues to your personality in the setting and the objects apparently placed carefully in the scene. You do not allow the viewer to use your facial expression as evidence of your personality. Rather we are presented with the notion that you do not wish to be seen – evidence itself of personality. The empty chair is also highly symbolic. Those who do. It know you would not pick up that you are wearing a wig. Those who know you might interpret this in a number of ways. I see it both as evidence of a wish not to be seen but also as a more playful gesture hinting that the whole scene is fictional creation or play acting.


    • Thanks for the reading Keith. I was playing around – seeing how I could stage something in a more focussed way. Also, and I need to note this in reflections, I also referencing Susan Trangmar who predates Elina Brotherus.


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