Introduction to Assignment 3

Introduction to Context and Narrative Assignment 3

I struggled for quite a time with the idea of this, even knowing that I didn’t actually have to take photographs of myself. Eventually I became tired of my moaning and so took the plunge. One thing seemed to lead to another and now I have three possible projects I’ve been working on for the Assignment, all of them with a different approach. All the set reading has been done, plus, as usual, some meanderings amongst other photographers along the way.

My intention is to show some images from each separately, with a brief explanation and then decided from there. Time is at my heels and so I need to put some deeper effort into submitting the Assignment.

The three projects to follow in three separate posts.

21st August 2015

Postscript 31st August. After email discussion with my tutor it has been agreed that, due to shortage of time, I will work on my third idea as a personal project, over a period of time, rather than considering it for Assignment 3.

17 thoughts on “Introduction to Assignment 3

  1. Wow, that’s really interesting Catherine, I like this idea of ’emerging’ and how you produced it. And the presence of the dogs and the forest, makes it really how I imagine you, or at least, it is what I know about you.

    I am less sure about the transitions (with the star shape). I don’t know, maybe something shapeless would me more appropriate? Or is there a meaning behind the star?

    Ps: thanks for the Katrin Koening link, it really is relevant to where I am right now (and the Turkish photographer too!)


  2. Thanks Stephanie. I know comments have been made about dogs in photographs in the OCA world, but my dogs are important to me in my travels in the landscape so they have to be there with me.
    Re the transitions in the video/slideshow – there wasn’t much choice on YouTube and the star shape seemed the most gentle of all of them whilst also allowed me to step through it. Will have another look though.
    Pleased you found those two photographers helpful. Don’t know about you but I do get overwhelmed with so many photographers of interest, with more every day.

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  3. I love this idea —and as Stephanie has already said the dogs and forests are so much a part of you , they shape you as a person. The choice of music accompanying the slides was interesting too building up more detailed ‘picture’ of you as a person / photographer.


  4. I’m with the others—knowing how important both the woods and the dogs are to you. I also like the idea of you emerging, because I think the woods is somewhere where you hide? Does that make sense? [BTW—at last it seems that I am getting notifications when you post!]


    • I hadn’t posted anything for a week or so so that’s probably why you didn’t get notifications. I don’t exactly hide as such in the woods but they do provide me with some peace and quiet to muse about a lot of things without the distraction of the computer and books etc. I have to go because the dogs need their walks so I can’t make excuses not to – a good plan for me!


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