Exercise – Recreate a Childhood Memory in a Photograph

Recreate a childhood memory in a photograph. Think carefully about the memory you choose and how you’ll recreate it. You’re free to approach this task in any way you wish.


Many memories. Here are a few:

  • Waking up in the night, hearing engines overhead and aware of my Nan getting out of her bed. “Are they angels?” I asked. “No, they’re Germans”, was her reply. Being carried downstairs (my parents around I think). Hearing sirens and then hearing a cockerel crow as we walked down the road to a neighbour’s house.
  • Posing against a fence for a photo to send to Daddy who was far away.
  • Being fascinated by the clock with the glass cover and the pendulum going round and round and my Nan saying she’d leave it to me in her will.
  • Going to the cupboard at Nan ‘s house and getting out her button box to have a rummage through. Why was I so fascinated with them I’m wondering now?
  • Seeing the flat irons warming on their ledge over the oven in the living-room fireplace.
  • Milly Molly Mandy books – my favourites when I was small.

I wrote these down yesterday afternoon so, of course, now other memories have re-surfaced and one of them has led me to have some reservations about re-creating memories………


6th August 2015



3 thoughts on “Exercise – Recreate a Childhood Memory in a Photograph

  1. Fascinating! Have you read John’s quotes on remembering your childhood? Have you been to see the Carole King musical in London? It is very good. I can’t remember what it is called but not too hard to track down.


    • Yes, I’v previously read John’s quotes and other C&N blog posts and have acquired a collection of PDFs etc. The problem is that I’m not intending for Assignment 3 itself to be about memories! This is just an exercise but, of course, being me, I’ve opened up a whole host of other avenues for myself! However, I might involve some of the above memories in the final Assignment so will now sort out my ‘memory’ notes.

      Carole King, one of my favourite composer/musicians. The Musical is called”Beautiful” I think. I heard the main star talking on Radio 4 and then singing some of the music but it just didn’t sound enough like Carole King to me so I’ve hesitate from going to see it.


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