Part One – Project 5

Context & Narrative Part One
Project 5 – The Manipulated image.

I have done the suggested reading for this assignment and will come back to add to this post. In the meantime I wanted to report on the exercise which was to create a composite image, although I haven’t worked on a documentary image yet.

I have layered images before in DPP Assignment 1  but this time I wanted to do something different and in colour and the exercise fitted in well with my participation in the:-

The Nearest Faraway Place Project

This Project is ongoing on the OCA Flickr site and was the brainchild of Stephanie, one of the students. Everyone involved submits a 6×4 image, with separate text and attaches it to a book which is in concertina form. It has been travelling the globe for many months and will end up at OCa headquarters. Eileen, another student will also be creating a Blurb book.

It’s a wonderful project and I was thrilled when it arrived with me. I was also quite anxious because it’s precious and a bit fragile and I didn’t want to damage any of it.  I wanted to create something in keeping with the theme of the Project but that represents me – my interest in fairytales, and books. I decided to create a magic carpet. Initially I was going to suspend a small Persian rug from one of our trees and then place a cushion of books on it. However the weather was so bad (we had constant rain for a while) that I decided to do it another way.

I purchased this image of a flying carpet from iStock then placed books on a cushion and photographed them


I extracted the cushion from its stool and background and moved it onto the rug – it took quite some time to get it to a reasonable size – and then to edit it so that it looked as if it belonged (more or less) belonged on the rug. I placed the rug against a background following the same process. I tried this background first but it meant making the flying carpet too small


so decided this was a better one


and here is the result:-

Magic-carpet for web

More to follow on my reading .


3rd December 2014

6 thoughts on “Part One – Project 5

    • I know – a nice purply one! I would have liked to do the experiment with the suspending from the tree – must keep it in mind for when the weather improves. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant about describing the backstory because the Project is so special but it seemed to fit in so well with the rest of the course for me and also encouraged me to take some risks.


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